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  • Tara Smith

When People Do Things Differently Than You, Is It Wrong?

When people do things differently than the way you’re doing it, are they doing it wrong?

The answer is, maybe not.

List some of the things you do on your ranch and ask yourself why and at what expense.

MDH and I have been sifting through some of the ways we have previously managed and have been challenging ourselves to think differently about these ways. Why do we do it this way? Are there other ways? What are the pros and cons? What are the economic implications of these ways? What is the ecological impact of these ways? Does doing it this way truly align with our mission and vision? Do we need to seek outside resources to give us perspective?

This process has led us to make some challenging decisions that have been very beneficial to our ranch. It’s not easy making change, but sometimes it is necessary. It doesn’t mean that the way you have done it in the past is wrong, it simply means that it might be time to evolve.

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