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  • Tara Smith

The Season of 4,000 Children

It's the season of 4,000 children. Seriously. Between my sisters and I, we have eight children ages five and under. 😳 It has been all hands on deck this spring, which means the children must come along.

Here is my tally:

"I'm hungry." Said 8,765 times.

"What is the number one rule? No whining!" Said 5,678 times.

"Why?" Said 9,223,674 times.

"Are we almost done?" Said 2,459 times.

"I need a snack." Said 6,123 times.

"Because I said so." Said 567 times.

"Yes, the boy calves have balls, the girl calves don't." Said 37 times.

"Correct, steers do not have nuts." Said 37 times. "

Hang on!" Said too many times.

"Dad, no cussing!" Said 8,479 times.

Our Youth Education Program is thriving, for better or worse. Living on coffee, cattle, and chaos. Jesus take the wheel. 🙌


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