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  • Tara Smith

Look For Opportunities To Enjoy Your Circumstances

We get so stuck in the day to day and "busy-ness" of our lives that sometimes we create our own additional stress. Sometimes the circumstances aren't that stressful, but our minds make them far worse than they actually are. This is particularly true this time of year when we have so many things going on around the ranch.

Ever notice how different people have different thresholds for stress? This isn't because one is "busier" than the other, it's because one handles their circumstances better than the other.

It's misleading to say that those who have a high threshold for stress tolerate more stress than others, because if we could actually quantify stress with some sort of metric, those people would actually have less stress than others. This is because of their perspective of their circumstances. They don't view their circumstances as a burden, they view them as a blessing and opportunity.

I encourage you to look for opportunities to enjoy your circumstances. Step back and ask yourself if your current situation is really as stressful as you are making it. Ask yourself if you will still be stressed about this in ten years. If not, then let the stress go.

And last, because this is what I preach, don't be a victim of your circumstances. Take ownership of the choices in your life that led you to this point. Take responsibility for each and every step of your journey. You will live a happier life if you take control of your destiny.

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