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  • Tara Smith

Five Reasons You Should Have A Mentor/s

Five reasons you should have a mentor/s:

1) Good mentors see things holistically. They can help you step back and see the “big picture” when you are tangled in the weeds.

2) You need someone levelheaded, open minded, and trustworthy to bounce ideas off of. Sometimes, when we only bounce ideas off of our friends and family, we can get into a rut of “group think”. This is when the whole group thinks the same way, or very similarly, and because they all think that way, they continue to validate the same ideas within the group. Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes to challenge your paradigms. You also need someone you trust and feel safe sharing your crazy ideas.

3) Good mentors help you move the needle forward. They inspire you to dream big and achieve your goals. They support your growth as an individual and as a business.

4) Mentors offer support and encouragement when things are not going well, which they won’t sometimes. They keep you from giving up too soon. They can relate to your mistakes and help you turn them into learning opportunities.

5) Mentors have experience in your field and provide a lot of knowledge. They are an excellent resources when you have questions, or aren’t even sure what questions you should be asking.

A little shoutout to some of my mentors: John Locke, Bart and Shannon Carmichael, and Bryan Chelsea Phipps. We would not be where we are without you guys. I am forever grateful.

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